Game marketing for cheap

Great games are often forgotten at the bottom of the list in popular stores. Some games never get the attention they deserve but the odds of getting noticed greatly increases with marketing. However, marketing is often very expensive and lots of developers don’t want to spend much money on their game. We will provide a list of some cheap but effective ways of marketing your game!

Google Ads

Google Ads is a good solution for marketing created by Google. This does cost money, but the amount of interaction and downloads your app can get for even 1 dollar a day is huge. When your monthly budget increases, so will your application’s download rate. Getting good deals by finding coupons is possible. Some google coupons will fund up to 75 dollars of your marketing. This increases your app’s visibility making it more popular in Google Playstore where your app can generate organic search hits. Be smart and target your proper audience while being as cost-efficient. With proper marketing strategies, your app will greatly benefit from Google Ads.

Game marketing on google ads

Social Media

Social media presence can influence a game’s popularity largely. A game developer can get free advertisement if he uses social media to his advantage. Reddit has threads dedicated to games, game development, mobile games, and the list goes on. If a clip of your game gets traction, people will want to play the game. Sharing interesting technology or functionality from your game also draws in an audience.

Being active on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms can lead to a good foundation for any game company. If you have some followers and keep them updated with content from your game, you can keep the community updated on your future games and updates. Creating social media accounts is free, and can be hugely beneficial to any game developer if used correctly.

Socialmedia icons

Youtube for game marketing

Having a youtube channel dedicated to guides and tutorials can very often kickstart a game’s popularity. There are several examples of YouTubers that have a mediocre following which earns lots of money through commercializing their game through their youtube channel. Some game developers even take their community along the ride to show profits and analytics. Having a community can be vital in creating a game. Therefore sharing some unique content on a youtube channel from early stages in development. Vary your content to keep the interest, and try to build a following which is excited about your projects.

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