Game marketing for cheap

Great games are often forgotten at the bottom of the list in popular stores. Some games never get the attention they deserve but the odds of getting noticed greatly increases with marketing. However, marketing is often very expensive and lots of developers don’t want to spend much money on their game. We will provide a […]

Unity Random generation

Random generation for mobile games in Unity

Random generation in Unity gets harder the more advanced generation you want. This tutorial will show how to generate an array of random object with boundaries of the user’s screen size. This code will be for a 2D game but can be used in 3D games just by changing some components. Start by creating an […]

Unity assetstore

5 Great unity assets for mobile development

These are assets we have personal experience using while developing mobile games with Unity. Assets are definitely not necessary in order to create a good game, but they do help to make the process easier. This is only some recommendations, as we do know there are lots of amazing assets we haven’t mentioned. It is […]

Picture of Ocean Road gameplay

Andats Games introduction

We have just launched our first game into the Google Playstore. Currently, we are in the process of creating ideas for a second game. While the release of this game would be to both IOS and Android, we do have plans to make games on different platforms. While making our second game we will keep […]