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5 Great unity assets for mobile development

These are assets we have personal experience using while developing mobile games with Unity. Assets are definitely not necessary in order to create a good game, but they do help to make the process easier. This is only some recommendations, as we do know there are lots of amazing assets we haven’t mentioned. It is also important to mention that this post is not sponsored.

Easy Mobile Basic

Easy mobile basic is a paid asset that makes mobile development a lot easier. The asset includes advertising options, game services, IAP, notifications and a lot more. The reason we love this asset is because of the time it saves us. Instead of spending time on trivial repetitive tasks, we can spend the time on creating more content. The app has three different purchasable versions, we recommend the basic version which costs 49$. The price is worth it if you’re planning on making several games, but if you are only releasing one game you can do the work yourself.

SQLite Database

SQLite database is a paid asset for creating databases easily within unity. There are lots of options available for database plugins within unity, but this is the one that we’re using. It comes with a detailed integration guide and API’s Docs. It supports Android, IOS, PC, and Mac. The wide range of devices it supports is nice if you want to make games for different platforms.

PlayerPrefs Editor and Utilities

When utilizing Unity you’re most likely gonna work with PlayerPrefs. It is used for storing and accessing player preferences between game sessions. If your game has settings you will most likely use Playerprefs so save their preferences. The asset offers a better and easier UI to work with while dealing with PlayerPrefs. By utilizing the asset it enables you to save time, leading to more efficient coding while working with PlayerPrefs. The asset is also free, which makes it even better.

SimplePoly World – Low Poly Assets

This is an asset we love using, it is a very good low poly asset. It has lots of great models that almost ready for publishing. The asset costs 40$ so unless you plan on making a low-poly game we would recommend waiting until a special offer on the asset pack.

Fingers – Mobile Touch Gestures for Unity

We don’t use this asset anymore, but developers frequently use it while developing mobile games. It is great for people starting mobile development, as it helps with some key fundamental mobile game development. We do recommend learning these fundamentals urself, but if you already know them it can be used to save time. The asset cost 20$.